I’m Dan, an English-Californian software engineer and entrepreneur who believes that healthy companies aren’t simply better places to work, but do better work.

I co-founded Range, an app that helps teams check-in asynchronously, track goals, and run more efficient meetings. Teams using Range are more connected, focused, and productive, even when remote.

Prior to Range, I was Head of Engineering at the publishing platform Medium, during their early-years. And before that a Staff Software engineer at Google, where I worked on Gmail, Google+, and a variety of frontend infrastructure projects.

I have MA in Industrial Design from Sheffield Hallam University and a BSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Manchester. In past lives I raced snowboards, jumped out of planes, and lived in the jungle.

Currently I’m helping startups with engineering management, org design, strategy, and architecture. I am available for coaching, mentoring, or fractional roles.

Get in touch if you’d like to collaborate.